Zubernet FamZoom



ZüberFamZoom is a:
Virtual Family Room” like none other.

Imagine a knotty-pine-paneled rec room, perhaps in the basement. What do you want to do today, Max? Color or draw? OK. Looks like the crayons and coloring books and paper are over here on this shelf. Oh, you’d rather read? Well, let’s pick out your favorite story on these bookshelves. Oh-oh. Mom just said you have to finish your homework first. All right, then—she’s the boss! Let’s sit at the table. Go get your assignment out of your backpack and we can work on it together. When we’re finished, I just noticed a game on the counter over there that I bet I can beat you at!

ZüberFamZoom is all that and more. Except for the part that Johnny and traveling Daddy are 855 miles apart! They each have an iPad and they can simultaneously doodle, color, read (including page turns and markups), play, learn, do homework, and even shop together. They talk to each other through their devices and they can see each other—Skype-like—anytime they want.

The ZüberFamZoom suite of activities can also be enjoyed solo if your friend’s not available or you just want to zoom around on your own.

ZüberFamZoom is a:
Virtual Babysitter/Tutor” always on call.

It doesn’t matter how old your children are. When you are trying to make dinner and get it on the table, OR finish up emails, OR have an uninterrupted phone conversation, OR whatever, the kids can be unrelentingly annoying!

You can yell at them. You can put them in time out. You can threaten a consequence.
Or you can summon ZüberFamZoom to the rescue!  Who knew your iPad and our app could so easily become a babysitter or tutor or both!

  • Tell Jordan to Züberzoom with his classmate Michael and work on their math together.
  • Tell Sally to get her worksheet, take a picture of it with the iPad’s camera, and get her homework done with Nana.
  • Tell Bobby to call Uncle Jason and have him dictate the spelling words for tomorrow’s test.
  • Tell Emma to zoom with Grandpa to help with her report; he’ll probably turn a picture of her assigned state, Minnesota, into a jigsaw puzzle and while they put it together, Emma will be learning lots about geography.

You get some peace and quiet (except for the chit-chat and giggling that might be heard between the Züberzoomers!) and your child gets one-to-one engagement, learning and fun with a loved one.

Oh, and the price is right—compared to actual babysitters and tutors!