Share Your ZüberDoodles & Ideas with Us

Whether you and your friend or relative drew a “keeper,” invented a great learning use on the doodle pad (whiteboard), or marked up a photo that’s just too fun to keep to yourselves, we (and your fellow ZüberZoomers) want to hear and see what you’re coming up with! 

Send us any “masterpieces” you’re willing to let us post on this website as well as any general ideas you’d like to share with our readers. Click on the link above and put Zübernet in the Subject line. Or fill out our form below:


Here are a few:


gregg_shareI Love "U": My fiancee Katie and I were playing with ZüberFamZoom across the room when I received an email with this “message” from her.

bonnieb-shareHi-Lo Learning: Here’s a simple little learning thing that my young grandson thinks is a game. He likes filling in numbers in sequences, so I do lots of these per session. He usually draws a star for himself when he puts the right answer in.