FamZoom App is Live on iTunes

10626508_767439416646258_5052140472900484719_nWE HAVE DONE IT! We are finally LIVE in the App Store! Please download and share and let us know how it works for you as we are learning as fast as we can and taking lots of notes.

ZuberFamZoom is magical. Two people on two different devices in two different places see, say and do things totally simultaneously in a safe and secure virtual family room! When Mom moves a jigsaw piece on her iPad, it instantly moves on Joey’s. And vice versa. When Suzie in Seattle draws a silly mustache on a picture of her dog Fido, it shows up immediately on Grandpa’s screen in Phoenix.

Doodle, draw and mark up. Read stories. Play games. Put puzzles together. Do actual homework. There’s no waiting. No turn taking. No ceding control. Use our built-in content or import your own.

The interactivity is endless (though you can play all of the activities solo when your zoom buddy is unavailable).

Even better, Grandpa and Suzie also chit-chat through their devices and can see each other at any time.
Nobody does “seeing, saying and doing” like ZuberFamZoom.

To celebrate ZuberFamZoom’s debut, all features are free.