ZüberApps aren’t your ordinary gaming or content apps. Those are so yesterday. ZüberApps let you connect with a friend and do stuff that’s both fun and functional truly simultaneously. Other apps that boast “live” or “real time” usually mean you have to take turns or cede control or “submit.” They’re not simultaneous.

Imagine this. Whatever George does on his screen in Denver happens instantly on Audrey’s screen in Tampa. And vice versa. Further, George and Audrey talk live through their devices the whole time they’re working or playing or shopping. Each needs only an iPad and wi-fi (or 3G/4G).

“Platform simultaneity” is a big fat tech term. A friendlier description might be PRACTICAL AND MAGICAL SEEING-SAYING-AND-DOING. We have several videos to show you what we mean. TheZübernet experience really is a new age, a new page, and a new stage. 

Developers: Virtually any content can be “magicked” with our SDK. If you’re working on something that would benefit from this technology, note the licensing button on our homepage.